My Sanctuary

I just typed a giant paragraph about why I’m MIA but for some reason it all vanished so I apologize
Basically I’m busy 24/7 these days with school, work, filming, and sulking/crying
The soonest I may be back is January probably
I’m sorry everyone I wish I could huggle you all because I miss you and I’m going through rough times again cause I’m an idiot and made the biggest mistake of my life and gave someone a second chance just to let them break my heart again and smash it into bits

Hey everyone I just wanted to say that I’m sorry for being MIA these days and that I still love you all

"Some people are bullets - others, bandages."(via soulsscrawl)


idk just wanted to draw something pale
"Maybe you should get rid of me,” I whisper onto his lips.

“Never,” he says, kissing me once softly. “You’re mine for as long as you breathe."
J.A. Redmerski, Reviving Izabel (via quotes-shape-us)